Hey lovelies, so fall season is around the corner and as usual I am always here for some style inspiration. If you have not checked out my summer essentials blog post ideas then you can check it out here.So here are my favorite fall outfit ideas: outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfits, Back to school outfits Back to school outfits,  outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfit  outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfit ,Back to school outfitsBack to school outfits,  outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfit outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfit ,Back to school outfits outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfit, Back to school outfitsBack to school outfits,  outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfit outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfit ,Back to school outfits outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfit ,Back to school outfits outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfit ,Back to school outfits outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfit ,Back to school outfitsBack to school outfits ,  outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfit outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfit. Back to school outfitsBack to school outfit,  outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfitBack to school outfits , outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfitBack to school outfits , outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfit outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfit ,Back to school outfitsBack to school outfits,  outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfit outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfit, Back to school outfitsBack to school outfits, outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfitBack to school outfits,  outfits, Fall outfits ideas ,Fall back to school outfitAll photos are gotten from pinterest. I don’t own any of these photos. If you have gotten all the way here, I’m so glad and thanks for reading. I can’t wait to show you guys more. Thanks.


Happy New Month!!!August , Online shopping , style, outfits, stylish , fashion , self love ,self care
Hey lovelies, it’s so nice to see you guys again , how are you guys doing ,I hope everyone is okay , with the condition of our world right now ,I just want everyone to stay strong and we’ll go through this together.

So you want to look like this :

Summer,Online shopping , style, outfits, stylish , fashion , self love ,self care ,summer outfits, summer trends, summer
Summer,Online shopping , style, outfits, stylish , fashion , self love ,self care ,summer outfits, summer trends, summer

Well you’ve come to the right place

Pushing that aside, I know why you are here, because you think you don’t look good in all your outfits or you think your outfits don’t look good on you. The keyword is ‘think’. You can definitely look good in your outfits; you are just missing a few things that can make you pop. That’s why you have this blog post, I am not only going to help you boost your self-esteem and also help you feel good about yourself. If you are need of style inspiration, you can check out my pinterest boards, I have so many style inspiration boards that can never go wrong for you. SO wink wink, check it out.

Online shopping , style, outfits, stylish , fashion , self love ,self care


Hey love, maybe you need to hear this, so no one is going to tell you this but, NO ONE CARES.

When I mean no one , I mean no one , you are in control of your life and if your outfits don’t look good on you , it’s because you feel that way , look at the bright side , you look bomb and you know it , so why let other people tell you otherwise , YOU ARE IN CONTROL, always remember that.


Online shopping , style, outfits, stylish , fashion , self love ,self care

I don’t know who you are or what your story is, but whatever it is, isn’t that the point of this all, to be able to reach an audience without knowing who anyone is on a personal level, but I do wish to connect with you all in one way or the other.

  1. Because you need a boost to your self-worth
  2. Because you need a boost to your styling game

If you’ve come all the way here, well I’m glad you did, cause you won’t regret doing so , unlike my other blog posts , this one is on a more deeper level , here are some things you need to know about  why your outfits don’t look good on you.

 Here are the reasons why your outfits don’t look good on you:Online shopping , style, outfits, stylish , fashion , self love ,self care


I don’t know how many times you have heard this, and I understand how you feel, it’s so easy to spit things like this out your mouth, but our mind is where the work actually starts.  And I hate to be one of those people to tell you this again, but no one can feel those things you feel , remember that it’s all in your head.


Let’s cut the crap and get to the main point of this, how many times have you looked at yourself at the mirror and asked yourself why you look the way you look, countless, I know. I can’t change how you feel about your body or anything about you, but always remember that your body is beautiful no matter how you look at it. From the acne to the stretch marks, you wouldn’t be you without them. The moment you accept that you look like that, you’ll see things in a different light.


Even the skinniest of people gain weight and I know that may be hard to believe but it’s the truth , people gain weight in different places and that place may not just be their stomach and thighs or arm , and you can’t see all of that because no one actually talks about it. Besides its instagram, there’s always going to be filters and face tune. So quit comparing yourself to others. You should know better by now that not everything is as pretty as it seems.


Again, I can’t blame you if you think that you still need to lose weight , sometimes we can add so much weight than usual to the point were our clothes don’t fit anymore and that can be very depressing. There were times were I would try on an outfit I had gotten three or four months ago and it wouldn’t fit anymore, it would hurt as hell and I would feel bad about myself. How did I get over this feeling? Stop. Breathe. Take action.

We are always in the habit of complaining, like, that would do anything to the problem we have right in front of us. Maybe if you tried to hit the gym or do some home workouts or yoga, things would change and not be as bad as they used to be. I love watching Chloe ting’s workout videos, I would highly recommend her videos for anyone looking to losing weight or getting fit in general. If you prefer yoga, then you can check out boho beautiful, they have amazing yoga videos. You can check out Chloe ting here and boho beautiful here. If you have any other recommendations, I would love to hear.

Online shopping , style, outfits, stylish , fashion , self love ,self care


My favorite part of this blog post and probably the part you were all waiting for. If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you would know that I love giving style advice or just making people look good in general and I’m still trying to improve my skills on this and be open to so many style options.

Online shopping , style, outfits, stylish , fashion , self love ,self care


So I wrote an entire blog post on this and I covered everything that you need to know about being stylish in that blog post. You can check it out here. From WHY STANDING OUT MATTERS to the 4 MAJOR CATEGORIES that can help you become stylish on a budget. Check it out here

Online shopping , style, outfits, stylish , fashion , self love ,self care


If you’ve read my ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BEING STYLISH ON A BUDGET BLOG POST then you are all set for this next tip. Your inner goddess is that part of you that wants to dress how she wants to , no rules , no insecurities and no regrets , your inner goddess is bold , beautiful and doesn’t care about what others think about here and I hate to burst your bubble , but , you’re keeping her trapped in. Don’t get me wrong, dressing according to the rules to a certain event or occasion is so necessary and I do not support indecent dressing or dressings that demoralize women.

But unleashing your inner goddess is dressing how you want and not how others want you to dress, it’s letting that part of you come out and take control of the kind of the person you are. People can smell authenticity from a mile away.


Online shopping , style, outfits, stylish , fashion , self love ,self care

I’m very sure you’ve heard of the Italian clothing store ‘BRANDY MELVILLE’. And incase you didn’t know, brandy Melville target customers are the skinny girls, and If you aren’t skinny then you shouldn’t be shopping from there. Enough of Brandy Melville, ever gone through a store and nothing there matches your taste? If you answer is yes, then, you shouldn’t shop from there. Shop according to your taste and what you can afford.

Online shopping , style, outfits, stylish , fashion , self love ,self care


If only there was a post that would help me with my online shopping problems, maybe there is. Are you still having problems shopping online, we got you covered.


DO NOT!!!!!!!!! , I repeat, do not buy clothes that are two times smaller than your normal size, I see you, about to make a mistake that you might regret.

So this is it guys, I hope you found this helpful, If you did, watch out for more.


Summer,Online shopping , style, outfits, stylish , fashion , self love ,self care ,summer outfits, summer trends, summer
Thanks for reading. Love you.

The most incredible denim outfits to wear this summer |THEGIRLTHOUGHTS

Hey lovelies, it’s so nice to see you guys again, I know you’re anticipating summer season, so am I. That’s why I am here to give you guys some summer outfit inspiration and summer outfit , if you’re in need of more inspiration , you can check out my pinterest summer board here and give me a follow If you want to.So here are some denim outfits

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Hey lovelies!It is so nice to see you guys here again, and believe me when I say that I know what has been going through your mind, you’re searching for the perfect father’s day gift to give your Dad , your husband or any one that is a father.From Techy Dad’s to the Dad that has everything, the struggle is real. That’s why I am here to provide you with these amazing gift ideas that he’ll surely love. SO keep reading, you’ll see something that he’ll surely like.So here are the best and most affordable Father’s day gifts:HIS FAVORITRE WINE
If he’s a wine lover, this should be at a top of your list; this will not just be the best father’s day gift but also a nice treat.WALLET
If you feel like his wallet needs a change then you should get him a new one, something that will match his style and personality.SMART WATCH
If he’s a busy Dad, then the smart watch will be a great idea for father’s day, it would help him stay on top of things.fathers day gift , fathers day gift ideas , fathers dayAIRPODS
Maybe he’s a music lover or you’re tired of hearing him blast his music around the house, then you should get him air pods, this will benefit you both.iPhone phone case, fathers day gift , fathers day , fathers day gift ideasPHONE CASE
Maybe it’s high time you got your Dad a new phone case to replace his old one, this would be a great change to his phone look, and let’s look at the bright side, he gets the show it of his friends.Alarm clock , fathers day gift ideas, fathers day gift,  fathers day ALARM CLOCK
This is a good father’s day gift for an old-fashioned Dad that doesn’t fancy the idea of setting the alarm on his phone. Why not make his dream come true.Beard balm, fathers day gift,  fathers day gift ideas, fathers day BEARD BALM
If he’s obsessed with his beards and really loves to take care of it, then you should get him a beard balm that would help to moisturize and soften his beard.Mens shaving kit ,shaving kit, beards , fathers day gift , fathers day SHAVING KIT
So back again with the Dad that is obsessed with his beards, a shaving kit would be a great father’s day gift for him.Electric indoor grill,  fathers day, fathers day gift, fathers day gift ideas ELECTRIC INDOOR GRILL
So maybe your Dad has been complaining about the smoke and charcoal all over his balcony, why not surprise him with an electric indoor grill that is smokeless. Perfect Father’s day gift isn’t it?Men jogger pants , workout,  gym outfits , chloe ting , fathers day , fathers day gift ideas, fathers day giftMEN JOGGER PANTS
So Maybe he is the sporty type of Dad, then jogger pants are the best option for him, this would be a great source of motivation for him to up his workout game.Computer glasses, reading glasses, fathers day gift, fathers day gift ideas, fathers day COMPUTER GLASSES
So, maybe he stares at the computer for too long, good quality computer glasses will be a very a good idea for father’s day.Electric kettle, easy and quick , fathers day, fathers day gift ideas, fathers day , special, unique ELECTRIC KETTLE
This is a very good father’s day gift idea for the Dad’s that like to cook.Best dad ever cap, fathers day gift idea, fathers day , father's  day gift CAP
Nothing much to say here, just get him a custom made cap. It could either have his name on it or one of his favorite quotes.Fathers day, fathers day gift , fathers day gift idea ,special,  unique HAT
Same thing goes with the cap, GET HIM A HAT. A bucket hat would be so nice.Books, quarantine reads , book lovers , fathers day , fathers day gift,  fathers day gift ideas FAVORITE NOVEL COLLECTION /SERIES
So if he’s the type of Dad that likes to read then this would be a very good father’s day gift , so better put a smile on his face and surprise him with him favorite book !.Special,unique,  fathers day , fathers day gift, fathers day gift ideas , fathers day HEAD PHONES
Nothing as good as a noise cancellation wireless head phone, honestly, get him some nice headphones, especially If he’s a music lover.Compression fit running socks, sports, workout, fathers day, fathers day gift, fathers day gift ideasCOMPRESSION-FIT RUNNING SOCKS
This will not only help to prevent blisters but also make running and jogging more enjoyable.Shorts, sports, workout,  fathers day, fathers day gift, fathers day gift ideas.SHORTS
Nothing as good as a good looking pair of shorts.Massage cushion with heat , workout , fathers day, fathers day gift ideas, fathers day gift MASSAGE CUSHION WITH HEAT

Something to make him feel comfortable and relaxed, you can never go wrong with this.

Electric blender,  fathers day gift , fathers day gift ideas , fathers dayELECTRIC BLENDER

A nice blender for a Dad that loves to cook.

fathers day gift , fathers day gift ideas , fathers dayBEST DAD EVER T-SHIRT

Something that’s not too big but will make him feel very special.

Sunglasses, shades, summer , fathers day gift , fathers day gift ideas , fathers daySUNGLASSSES

The summer time is fast approaching, why not get him some shades , to complete his summer.

fathers day gift , fathers day gift ideas , fathers dayTIE

A nice looking tie would be good , especially if he’s the workaholic type of Dad.

fathers day gift , fathers day gift ideas , fathers daySHOES

A nice pair of shoes that he can use to take to work or just go out will be a very good fathers day gift idea.

fathers day gift , fathers day gift ideas , fathers day, nike slides,  shoes ,slides SLIDES

Something comfortable but not too extra and not less extra. Just perfect.

Belt, fashion , mens fashion,fathers day gift , fathers day gift ideas , fathers dayBELT

Men will always love their belts.

fathers day gift , fathers day gift ideas , fathers dayPYJAMAS

Nothing as good as a new and comfy pyjamas for him to sleep in.

iPad,iPhone, tech, gadgets , fathers day gift , fathers day gift ideas , fathers dayIPADA little something for the techy dads.Amazon gift card , fathers day gift , fathers day gift ideas , fathers day


DIY, fathers day gift card ,fathers day gift , fathers day gift ideas , fathers dayDIY FATHER’S DAY CARD

Something for the kids :).Thanks a lot or reading the blog post. Love you. See you next time.


Hey lovelies!

It’s so nice to see you again, thanks for stopping by, I see that you are looking for something to spice up summer, so here are some summer essentials that you need to rock your summer.


If you don’t own a tank top, this should be a good time to get one; the summer is all about showing some skin and still looking good at the same time. A stylish yet a beautiful piece of cloth to add to your outfit.


Floral skirts just scream summer! A summer look is not complete without a nice floral skirt, you can wear long or short skirts, and whichever suits your style.


If you’re not much a skirt person, like me! Then you’re probably happy seeing this. A nice pair of Jeans will do the trick this summer, so what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself some jeans, girl!


This may not be the most go to summer essential, but a nice white shirt can add a lot of style to your look, especially when you want to keep it simple and not look extra. A white shirt can go with a pair of Jeans or a nice floral skirt or denim shorts.


Nothing like a good excuse to show off your legs, nice denim shorts paired with a nice tank top and denim jeans will be a good choice for the summer.


This will raise your comfort level to a 100%, nothing as good as wearing your favorite summer outfit with a pair of comfortable flats. If you’re like me and would choose comfort any day over anything then, you’re Iuck.


If you think that sandals are too basic then you should try out some sneakers, this will add a bit o style to your outfit and even make you more attractive.


If you’ve not hopped on the Graphic tee trend, this is your chance to do so , If you’re not into the white T-shirts and the tank tops , then a nice Graphic T-shirt would do the trick ,you can wear an oversized one with a pair of jeans or denim shorts.


I don’t know about you , but not everyone likes to show off their bodies during the summer , If you’re like that , then , there’s no problem, you can try wearing loose palazzo pants , they come in so many patterns and designs , you can look for one that matches your taste.


Yes, you heard that correctly, high waist shorts!. If you’re a teenager then this should be your go-to outfit. Rock this with a tank top and some sneakers and you’re good to go.

EXTRAS Just some additional stuff that you might like:


Most people like to spend the summer time at the beach, because it is cool and relaxing. A good bikini is what you need to rock this summer.


It’s not complete until we have our shades. Sunglasses will go well with any of your outfits and just boost you to full baddie mode.


We are all girls, we love our shiny stuff and there’s nothing as good as a nice bracelet or necklace to go with your outfit. It just makes everything POP!.

Thanks so much for reading this blog post, I hope you have a wonderful summer. Love you.

Images : All gotten from Pinterest


Hey lovelies, it’s so nice to have you guys back here again. You can check out my recent blog post.

So, THIS blog post is divided into two parts;


So, looking at one of the major problems people have when it comes to fashion is finding their own unique style , finding your own style is like having a voice when it comes to fashion and trends and there’s nothing as beautiful as setting a trend or others to follow.


Something I think anyone that is looking at setting their own unique trend or style should know. It’s called ‘your own style’ for a reason and not joining the crowd is the first big step you can take. If you didn’t already know, IT’S NOT AN EASY ROAD. For me , I’ve not always been in line with the entirely girly outfits , I was more of a chill and laid back kind of girl , I didn’t want to seem like I was dressing too much and at the same time I didn’t want to look like I just got out of bed. This was my own style and is the style being done by others? Yes. Am I the first person to bring up this style? Heck no! Now you’re probably wondering how you can make already existing styles unique. AND now this brings us to our next step.


Yes, the fashion industry is so saturated and it’s really difficult trying to stand without finding out that someone else has already done that. You come up with an amazing look that you think no one has done and wham bam slam, girl from across the street started it before you.

So creating your own style from previously existing styles and adding a bit of spice and magic to it can set you up for something unique and different. AND this brings us to our next tip.


So when you heard a bit of spice and magic, this was what I was talking about. A SIGNATURE LOOK, now what the hell is that? A signature look or piece is something that can help you stand out from the battalions of people that are out there in this world.
It could be a type of watch you put on, a scarf, a particular set of jeans, types of pants you normally wear, a certain hairstyle, the way you do your makeup, the kinds of shirt you wear and many more.

Things that most people don’t know about a signature look is that it should be able represent the kind of person you are , it should be able to tell your audience , your friends and people around you what your style is immediately.

For example , a lot of people are crazy about the MOM JEANS TREND , that they literally wear it with anything , that is their own style , that’s what sets them apart from others , some people still rock the skinny ripped jeans style or the joggers style or just loose sweat pants . Your signature look should depict the kind of person you are.
In other words, your signature look should be based on what you like to wear and what people see you on most of the times.


Setting your own style isn’t just about having a signature look. I know there are some people out there that just can’t go into a store and come out with anything reasonable. I was once like that and a part of me always kept blaming the store for not having anything that I liked. And that sounded believable until someone would go into that same store and pick out so many bomb outfits.

What was my problem?

I didn’t have a good eye back then, I didn’t know what would go with what, I was so interested in finding the perfect outfit that I forgot that in order to find the perfect outfit, I had to find smaller pieces of clothes and put them all together and that was the hard part and I’m going to give you some tips that helped me change that.

  • Pinterest

Thanks to the makers of this wonderful app, most of my style ideas and fashion inspiration has come from this app, you can search for anything related to what style that you are willing to create and you can see different outfits on different people and If there was a particular outfit I liked I would try to get the same clothes or something similar to what I was seeing.

  • Fashion magazines

This wasn’t something that I did all the time, but if I saw an outfit on a model and it matched my style, I would get a clear mental picture of what it looked like and I tweak it a bit and add my signature look to it and get those exact clothes from a store or something similar. This was really helpful for me and it can be for you.

  • Favorite celebrity/social media influencer[in terms of fashion]

Yes, I tried to recreate looks from the people that I liked and as cheesy as that may sound, it really helped me. The people you like have similar tastes like you and that’s what you like about them, because you can somehow relate to them. SO why not try recreating their looks too.

lt’ll you find your own style in theirs.
Those three things somehow changed the way that I picked out clothes that would match my own style.


When it comes to finding your style, people can tell that you that they like what you’re wearing and as funny as this might sound, your body will fail you 70% whenever you’re putting on something you don’t like. That uncomfortable look on your face when you keep adjusting and adjusting till you can’t any more. Ever worn an outfit and on getting to the door, you stop, turn around and change the entire thing? , that happens to me a lot. That voice that keeps telling you to change that outfit knows how uncomfortable you are.


You’re looking at setting your own style and you’re bothered about what other people think? I don’t know any other way to put this but, you’re not ready. People will only give you advice on how to dress based on how they dress, in other words, they are dressing you for them.


Again, I can’t say that all these tips will work for everybody; it all depends on you and the kind of person you are, but here are some tips that may help you out.

  • CLEAR OUT YOUR CLOSET [and make some bucks!!]

I know your closet is filled with so many clothes right now, on the floor, on that poor chair in your room, or on your bed. Wherever it is, you should start thinking of how you can sort through those stacks of clothes so that you can get rid of the ones that you like and the ones that you don’t like. I have a 4 categories that I use whenever I’m sorting through my clothes looking for the one to sell.



These 4 categories are going to help your sort out the clothes that to be sold [or thrown away, I badly worn out]
So what are you waiting for? Clear out your closet and start to make that coin, this will not only help you make extra money, but, will also help you create room for more clothes and also reduce the mess in your room.
There are so many apps that you can use to sell some clothing items for some cash, a popular one is Poshmark.


If you want to spend less and slay more, you should be looking at discounted offers. Grab every good discount you see especially if it’s on something that is very expensive. This will help you save more money and help you buy so many items at once.
Always have a budget in mind , you should have a fixed amount of money that you are willing to spend when you go shopping. It is very easy to get carried along the way and want to spend a lot of money on clothes you might not even wear. You can write down a list of items that you want to buy alongside with the estimated prices , this would give you an idea of how much you are going to spend and this will not only help you save more , it will also help you with our next tip.


This comes with a lot of self-discipline, you have to know when to buy clothes and where to buy them, having this mentality will help you know that you can buy so many clothes without spending a lot of money.

Thanks for reading, If you enjoyed this blog post or you found it really helpful, then give it a like or leave a comment.


Yoga poses

Hello lovelies, it’s so nice to have you guys back here again if you’ve not checked out my previous blog post, you can check it out here

So for a very long time, I have dropped the whole regular exercise game, like the pushups and squats and all of that and I have stuck to doing Yoga. I couldn’t just do a full on 30 minute work-out without breaking down or giving up or even worse , I couldn’t be consistent but a 10 – 15 minute yoga practice had a way of making me feel relaxed and refreshed after.

Thanks to Boho beautiful, I have done some of their Yoga practices and I would say that it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Not only did I lose weight with only a 10 minute yoga practice within a span of two weeks, I had also started to develop some abdominal muscles and the best thing about it was that it made me feel so much better.

So, If you’re anything like me and doing regular exercises are not your thing , you can check out Boho beautiful here or you can watch them on YouTube or you can just give Yoga a try , trust me , it’s better than doing nothing this Quarantine.

Thanks for reading!.

Photos from Pinterest.

Still having problems shopping online,we got you covered, HERE are some tips and trusted online stores.

Hey lovelies. We all know the struggles of shopping online. You are not the only that sees a beautiful outfit online and is like ? “Should I get it ?” , “Would it fit ?” , “Reality vs expectation is real too”. Ugh! I know right. It’s scary as hell and no one wants to waste a lot of money on an outfit and get the opposite.

My friends and I were scrolling through a Nigerian online store,We all wanted to buy a skirt, there were many options to choose from and they were quite affordable, nothing over the top. But then again, we’ve all heard stories, some people got the wrong package , some people never got their products at all.

The fear of reality versus expectation, wrong size,over priced but low quality.

It’s real and we both know it.

So in this blog post , I am going to help those that are first timers (that have never shopped online or have never shopped online without assistance) or if you’re an OG and you still want to get more info , feel free to hop in on the knowledge train.

Here are some of my tips for making online shopping easier and avoiding reality vs expectation mishaps.

  • Keep you ears open for stories and news about the online store that you are trying out. ( NOTE : rumours might be real and you don’t want to give you money to a site that has been said to be having issues with delivering products )
  • Customer reviews of a product are very important ( If you are purchasing an item and there are negative customer reviews of the product,please stay away,like it has always been said , negative customer review is like an angry customer asking for a refund ,but in this case,THERE’S NO REFUND.SO BE CAREFUL)
  • Sometimes very low prices on a products can be sketchy (I know that you all may say that, it may not always be like that and that is true, but if a product is looking too cheap for it’s nature, chances are that the product is not even real and the seller just wants to take money )
  • Buy from trusted stores and stores that treat their customers right. (There are some great stores that make buying of clothes so much easier, they give you a size chart, a bra size chart, and even the size of clothe the model is wearing and other options to choose from. An online store like SHEIN is great for that)

Here are some online stores that are trusted and can give you what you are looking for.

I have not bought from all these stores but I have heard stories and have seen good reviews about them , if you have bought from any of the stores mentioned below and you didn’t get what you wanted, kindly leave a comment in the comment section , with your story (PLEASE DON’T MENTION THE NAME OF ANY STORE ,JUST YOUR STORY )










Guys, these are some trusted stores ,there are many stores that I didn’t mention that are also good , if you have any recommended store please share in the comments section,let’s enlighten everyone.

Don’t forget to share you shopping experiences with online stores(Plesse don’t mention the name of the store.Thanks)

Seven shopping mistakes every woman makes.


Welcome back , if you’re new here I am glad you stopped by to click on this blog post , if you’re old here, then ….you don’t need to read this intro , I’m just trying to waste your time . Nah I’m not. Pointless.

So back on track..

So you love shopping ?

And you’re probably wondering , what kind of mistake would I possibly make ?

Well…they’re seven .

SHOPPING is just like a video game . You either win or lose . When you win ,you win with happiness and Joy ,but when you lose ,it feels like you’ve been poked with a needle on your behind.

How can I lose in shopping ?

Well….there are only two ways that can happen. You could either waste a lot of money on something you don’t like or go broke for months buying the wrong set of clothes.

No stress. These are all mistakes. Mistakes I hope you never make again after reading this.

What you need to know first ; You think with your heart and not your head.

Let’s look at shopping like the two sides of a coin. You either land on the head or on the tail.

Here’s an instance ; Girl named Shane wants to look like Mary Jane, so she dresses like her, shop whatever she shops ,making her look partly insane because she lost a lot of money on something she couldn’t maintain .

You see,Shane thought with her heart and not her head, she was filled with the want to look like Mary Jane that she forgot that money was on the line ,so was herself.

How can I think with my head when it comes to shopping ?

There are two things you should always have in mind when shopping.

  • Cost
  • The item you want to buy.

See,super easy . If you know the item you want to buy and the cost ,then you won’t make the same mistake Shane made.

Number two ; You keep forgetting that shopping isn’t meant to be excessive.

I want that bag.

That shoe.

Maybe the dress on the left ?

Are those high knee boots ? , can I get that ?

Can I get the latest release from Dolce and Gabbanna ?

Wait,all of that in one day ?

What’s the bill ?

If you shop like that , you must be earning a six-figure every month ,because all of that is too much.

Why people shop excessively ?

  • Self satisfaction
  • Not knowing what they wan to buy
  • Greed
  • Probably a shopaholic

How can I quit excessive shopping ?

  • Try finding your own signature style
  • Make a shopping list containing all the things you want to buy
  • Have a well planned budget

If you have all these three, you’ll go into any clothing store and come out with the perfect clothes.

Number three ; You try to shop in a hurry

Sometimes when I go shopping with my Dad,we always try to shop everything at once , because we don’t know when we’ll have the time to do more shopping .

At the end of the day, we ended up picking great clothes and stuff ,but most of them were things that when we looked back and saw , we’ll both be like ” I wish I hadn’t picked this ”

Shopping in a hurry or shopping when it’s not the right time can be one of your biggest mistakes .

You could pick the wrong outfits , spend a lot of money and have your self in a total mess.

Why don’t you shop when you’re ready , relax , take a deep breath and shop like no one’s watching.

Totally Awesome.

Number four ; You shop for unnecessary things

Have you ever had this feeling that what you’re picking isn’t what you really need ?

If you said YES , then it’s completely normal for everyone.

You pick a blue dress , then you pick a red dress too.

See, totally normal and this takes us to the next thing.

Number five : You lack a shopping list and If you have one ,you probably can’t stick to it .

Are you a shopaholic ?

Do you love to shop even when you don’t need to ?

If you’re like that,then your biggest problem is not having a shopping list .

I know sticking to schedules, rules or a list of things can be difficult because sometimes you just want to squeeze that paper and throw it into the trash.

Don’t worry ,been there ,done that . It’s normal for a shopaholic because you just can’t stick to shopping what’s on the list.

How can I stop this ?

Well…there’s only one way that can work .


Yeah,shopping alone is nice if you don’t like company and all. But girl,if you’re a shopaholic then you need to have a couple of non-shopaholic friends that can help you control the amount of things you buy.

Helpful, right ?

Number six ; You don’t shop for comfort.

There’s not much to say here.

There are two types of people when it comes to shopping.

  • The people that shop for comfort and what they like.
  • The people that shop according to trends.

If you’re that type of person that shops for comfort , then you really know what you want.

If you’re the second person ,then you’ve probably not found your own style and I’m sure you’ll find it soon .

Number seven ; You don’t shop for the nearest future.

Someone said she was spending $5000 dollars on an outfit she was only going to wear once….I said ONCE.


Why are you buying it anyway ?

If you’re only going to wear it once , then you must be ready to do more shopping than usual , unless you’re the Kardashians ,then I’m not going to say anything….definitely not going to say anything.

If you can’t maintain the “wear once and that’s the end “ lifestyle , then don’t DO it .

Look at how much you have, how much you’re willing to spend. If it’s less than the outfit you want to buy , then don’t buy it.

Look for more affordable clothes , that are long lasting and bam! , you just hit a gold mine. Pointless again.

Thanks for reading !

Can’t wait to see you next week , by the way I’m here to help.