As a woman, our bodies tend to be more complex than men, this means that we need to do more cleaning than men do. All those sweat from a man’s body is not as much as our vaginal fluid during menstruation or (sometimes) ovulation.
Leaving the sanitary aspect, women tend to need more (stuffs) than men, like clothes, shoes and even underwear… (we all are supposed to know that).
So here are the basic things women must have;

-Mini purse : A mini purse is not like your average purse, just a really small purse / hand held bag that you carry to work in your work bag. A mini purse/handheld bag, that I like to call an emergency bag can be used to keep sanitary wares… Ever kept your sanitaries in your work bag / school bag and your bag falls by accident sending all that stuff on the floor (ugh), pretty embarrassing right?, a mini purse is always the to contain all that personal stuff for you.

– Small disposable bags ; Again with all the menstruation and blood and stuff, you’re done with your tampons and oh!damn! Where do I dispose this?. I like to keep my things really private, especially those tiny blood absorbent thingys… I don’t want everyone to know i”m on my period… Totally embarrassing, especially when people find out in public… So a small disposable bag is necessary for ever female High school or college student or even a single lady or mums especially when you’re leaving your house.

-A black handbag ; So a hand bag is not like the mini bag… Just something that you can carry around to work,events,parties and anywhere. A black hand bag can match with any outfit because black is neutral and stylish and sometimes cute. So try it out, if you haven’t.

-Large comfy sweaters – Ahhh!, just imagine sitting in that cute big pink teddy bear sweater on your couch watching a movie or scrolling to your instagram… Feeling super comfy, making you super lazy and you don’t want to leave that couch cause if you do… You’ll just ruin the moment. I know everyone must have felt like that… But it’s not as good as when you’re in a large comfy sweater. So go to your nearest store and ask for a cute over sized sweater… And just chill!

-Flats; Ouch! ,my leg aches, why?, cause you’ve been walking with a six inch Louis Vuitton heel for two hours. You can’t wait to kick that stuff off your leg… I’m sorry lady, but you need some flats. A flat shoe is self explanatory, they are really comfortable and you can easily wear them, you don’t need a six inch heel to go to your neighbors house next door.

-A Pair of Black/White Sneakers : Being color specific right ? A pair of Black / white sneakers go well with any outfit, just check this out;

A pair of sneakers will match a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, if you’re into jeans, but if you’re not, you can still rock a beautiful white shirt and gray skirt with a pair of sneakers, check this out too;

A pair of sneakers can complete your day, no flats no heels just snickers… Oops I meant sneakers.

-A pair of heels; I know I said flats were the bomb, but you need heels too, I mean with heels, at the height of 5’3 you can look like 5’5 ,who doesn’t want that? ,Heels are very good for formal occasions that matches well with a nice evening gown with a split that shows your beautiful legs, super sexy, heels are very essential for women, WE NEED THEM!

-A pair of boots/winter boots – A pair of boots are pretty nice if you know how to rock it with a pair of skinny ripped jeans and an off shoulder shirt ,a sunhat and a pair of sun glasses. Ultimate style tip ,try it out and give me feedback!. Winter boots are good for the cold regions, a winter boot is necessary if you live in really cold places, you don’t want to hurt those little fragile feets, do you ?

-A jacket : Every woman must have this in her wardrobe ranging from leather jackets to any other type of jacket, can begin different colors too. Jackets are really nice, if you want to wear something over your shirt and no! You don’t need a sweater, you just want a nice black jacket and rock it like Madelaine pestch;

– A beautiful black dress – Familiar with the little black dress? If you’re not then let me do some explaining…..you want to hang out with your female friends and have fun but you don’t want to rock some jeans and tees, you want to wear a dress that doesn’t look formal and doesn’t look too flirty ,what you need, girl, is a little black dress. Some of them go with designs, if you don’t like plain Jane ,they come in various sizes, shapes for any body type and designs… Remember it must be BLACK!, other colors are great too, but black screams sexiness.

-A sun dress; A sun dress is pretty chic,beautiful and is nice during the summer. Sundresses are great and a woman must have one… Those tight skinny jeans aren’t gonna be on your leg forever ..so put on a nice sundress and enjoy the summer.

-Opaque tights -You want to wear a nice dress but it’s too short and you don’t like to show some skin…An opaque tight can come in dark colors like black and blue and even lighter colors too and are at a really cheap price on Amazon.

– A pair of shorts – Trust me, jeans can get pretty uncomfortable, sometimes you just want to show some skin, a nice pair of shorts can do the trick, it’s super comfortable, doesn’t make your leg sweaty, easy to walk around with and very good to sleep in if you’re tired of pyjamas. Speaking of pyjamas, this brings us to next most basic thing .

-Pyjamas – Comfy pyjamas are very nice, you don’t need to wear the matching shirt and bottom type of pyjamas, (exscwease me!) Are we in kindergarten ? .A nice night gown that’s comfortable for sleeping can be good but if you’re obsessed with cartoon character pyjamas, that’s cool.

-Sweat pants and sweat shirts; Sweat pants and sweat shirts are really comfortable and relaxing to wear in your homes while you go about your daily activities .Super comfy and you can go for a run in sweat pants and do a home work out in it ,speaking of work out, that brings us to next one.

-Work out /Gym outfits : Nothing is as good as a nice work out outfit to wear at the gym…no one wants to wear heavy garbage to a gym ,all that sweat would make you so uncomfortable. So grab a nice gym outfit and hit the gym.

-A set of jewelries/hair accessories ; Ranging from Bracelets, ear rings, rings , necklaces , anklets and hair pins. Every woman needs a nice set of jewelries for a nice evening dinner , a date, or even a cup of coffee.

-A pair of matching underwear : Nothing is cuter than this, a pair of matching underwear is perfect , they can be bikinis or just you average underwear. They make you look really cute and attractive .

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