Amazing holiday inspired looks that you can’t resist

1st outfit : -Reds sweater
-White flare skirt
-Red wedge shoes
-Red nail polish
-Silver necklace

2nd outfit :
-Red scarf
-White sweater
-Dark blue one knee-ripped jeans
-silver heels
-White nail polish
-Red lipstick

3rd outfit:
-Red sweater
-Black high waist skirt
-Opaque tights
-Brown boots
-Brown/Black handbag

4th outfit :
-Black outfit
-Red mini dress
-Black opaque tights
-Black heels
-Black nail polish
-Nude lipstick

5th outfit :
-Black pants
-Silver purse
-Gold bracelet
-Silver bead like -necklace
-Red lipstick -Leopard stilettos


Published by Girl thoughts

WELCOMMMMEE !!!! Wow! , I see that you have come all the way here. I’m Victoria Lakpah, I’m a Nigerian blogger and content creator .You can call my Vicky for short. I honestly don’t mind :} I am currently 16 years [as of 2020] and I’m hoping to share positivity and happiness to you :}. Why am I here ? Major reason : To provide teens , young adults and adults with fun and inspiring content from fashion to normal regular stuffs we do all day + Tips and tricks + Hacks + Advice. To cut it short : I’m your big sister that’s here to help you with all your girly needs. WHAT INSPIRED ME TO CREATE THIS BLOG : Growing up with no older siblings and only two boys as male siblings , you can tell that I wasn’t really getting all those girly tips and advice . I know you might ask : What about your mum ? . She gave me some advice ,but , let’s face reality , you can’t tell your mum everything. Well, in my case I COULDN’T. So I mixed my passion for writing and female related things that I have learnt over the past [and still learning] to create this blog. WHY DID I GET INTO THIS FIELD ? I love writing and this is a medium or me to express my feeling and still be able to help people around me and on the internet. Like isn’t that great ?. MY PASSION : Creating wonderful contents for people and brands:}. What I can provide for you : FASHION TIPS FEMALE CARE TIPS [STAYING FRESH DOWN THERE ALL DAY ] ADVICE FOR YOUNG FEMALES AND MANY MORE Contact me :

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