How to take care of your skin (Effective skin care tips)

How to take care of your skin

Hearing people say that the hardest thing they’ve ever tried to do is trying to achieve a healthy and glowy skin made me want to go into the topic .

Is achieving a healthy skin impossible ?

The answer to that is obviously NO. Today I’ll do the honour of telling you a lot about your skin and what you’re not doing to achieve it. Hurry ! , cause this is important stuff.

Why you can’t keep your skin smooth and clear ?

Here’s the reason :

1. You probably don’t have a skincare routine

I’m not the type of person to keep to a routine or schedule or have my day activities written down on a piece of paper. Sometimes it helps but if you’re like me and suck so bad at it then there’s a reason you don’t have one. But if you’re a stick-to-schedule kind of person then you should have a skin care routine plan .

Your skin care routine can consist of daily , weekly and monthly skin care course of actions you can stick to.

Looking for a chart that has all the answers to your problem ?

No stress , cause i have found the most effective but simple skin care routine chart.

{Photo gotten from Pinterest}

2.You ignore signs of skin problems

Having an itch on your skin ?

Or a slight irritation ?

Your answer might be YES or NO . If you said YES then you’ve been avoiding this (If I’m wrong) obvious problem or probably ignoring those tiny signs that say you have staphylococcus aureus (a bacteria responsible for some of the bacterial skin infection )

Then what are you doing about these signs ?

Once you notice any sign of a bacterial skin infection , try visiting the doctor , they can recommend good treatments to help your skin and make it better .

3. You don’t wash your face properly ….one of the reasons why you might suffer acne (commonly found in teenagers )

What’s Acne ?

Ever had those bumps , pimples , white heads and black heads ? If you have , that’s a sure sign of acne or let me say that you have ACNE.

How did I get Acne ?

Don’t get me wrong but having acne doesn’t mean you got it from someone or somewhere , or you’re not taking proper care of your face. You might follow a skin care routine effectively and still have acne .

Why ?

1. It’s genetic. If you have parents that once had acne when they were young , so there is a chance that you’ll have one too. But no worries , hitting puberty stirs up a lot of hormones responsible for this but you’ll be free from acne once you’re older.

What can I do about Acne ?

To help prevent the building up of oil on your skin you can as well :

1. Wash your face with mild soap (one that your skin accepts and doesn’t cause any form of irritation)

2.Avoid using force on your face to get rid of acne. For example : Trying to scrub acne away with a sponge , FYI that can never work .

3.If you wear makeup , try spending time to actually wash all your makeup off , some makeup products actually clog the pores of your skin and can cause acne.

4.Abstain from oil products ( If your skin has a bad reaction towards it )

That’s all about your skin . Well…that’s the most important and effective way of taking care of your skin. Try a good skin care routine , wash your face properly , follow the steps to prevent acne . If you read this , I hope it helped you , cause everyone deserves a healthy and glowing skin.

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