10 Secrets to finding the perfect evening gown


Welcome back , if you’re new here I am glad you stopped by to click on this blog post , if you’re old here, then ….you don’t need to read this intro , I’m just trying to waste your time . Nah I’m not. Pointless.

So back on track..

So today i’m going to be talking about the top ten secrets to finding the perfect evening dress .

Finding an evening dress to wear on a nice ,romantic date or even a social gathering can be extremely easy , (or is it ?)

What you must know first ; Try looking for something simple but classy .

I know people would go as far as trying to look like Lady Gaga or Nicki minaj . The truth is that none of that matters .

Standing out with simplicity makes it so much easier to feel like yourself and feel like you’re in your own comfort zone ,but well that depends on you .

Number two : Dress to impress and don’t dress to depress

I know we all want to go out there and look like we just stepped out of a runway , but dressing to impress means making use of all those little ,tiny accessories , styling yourself -your hair , face and even getting rid of those leg hairs – that can make you stand out.

That’s where “standing out” comes to play .

What’s your favorite accessory ?

Does it match your outfit ?

Try the “dress to impress” and see the magic.

Number three : Know the occasion like the back of your palm.

Knowing the occasion means why you’re there and what you came to do.
Is it a date ?

A party ?

An award show ?

Or just a dinner party for the richy-rich ?

Knowing the occasion would really help you find the perfect dress.
I know that people would say that you can wear anything to a social gathering and they’ll be like “Anything looks good” . But No, you have to know how to dress for the occasion ,else you’ll be looking off.

I know no one wants that ,right ?

Here is a perfect evening gown you can wear to a romantic dinner. {Photo from Pinterest @PROMGIRL}

Red screams Love{我爱你} in china and I know you want to scream “My dress looks like a bomb at this party } . Pointless again.

Number four ; Cost comes first so does your thirst

I know that people would say that the reason they can’t pick a new dress is because they can’t afford the most expensive (that they think it’s the most ‘everything’ )

Your thirst could be a nice evening gown that’s boldly inspired by ‘animal prints ‘

What do I do ? It’s expensive , I don’t want to spend much anyway.

The truth is , you don’t have to spend much .

There are many online stores that have cheap but high quality dresses , you could still look like Angelina Jolie while rocking that leopard dress.

Number five ; Picture the dress on YOU and not the imaginative version of you .

That ‘you’ has a lot of emphasis on it , like a lot of it .

As women , we always picture that beautiful woman with killer bomb figure on that dress you’ve been sighting for like two weeks now.

You don’t look like that ,girl.

It looks pretty on her but there’s a slim chance that it’ll look pretty on you .

How can I picture this dress on ME ?

There are many ways to do that ,but I’m only giving out two very simple ones.

#1 – Try studying the dress , how it looks like , and most importantly , if it fits your body type.

#2 – Ask questions ; Ask the salesclerk. All you have to do is talk,talk,talk .How hard can that be ? , unless you’re an introvert like me ,then you can go with the 1 magic sentence “Do you think this dress would look great on me ?” Ha! Let’s see who can’t answer that .

Number six ; Try going for neutral colours (if you don’t have any color idea in mind)

Well…this is probably something everyone should know .


Mace ; I don’t know what color to wear

Shyne : Have you tried white or Black ?

Neutral colors are total life savers , this is a big secret, well not really.

Number seven ; Try turning ‘Ugly’ into ‘dashing’

How can I do that ?

There’s no way I can turn my grandma clothes into a fashion worthy outfit inspo .

Yeah you can , I wrote a blog post on the things women can’t do without.

You can style your clothes into amazing things. If you’ve never heard of the famous fashion blogger ; fashionflux . She has helped a lot of people look like they just stepped out of a runway show . How cool is that ?

Number eight ; Online shopping shouldn’t be your number one choice .

Weird, but true.

Online shopping can be very risky at times. Because , you might pick the wrong size , maybe something smaller or bigger and you end up wasting money.

Try shopping and filling your hands with those shopping bags , you can pick the right dress and even do try outs before actually purchasing them.

Smart move.

Number nine : Finding your own style

Most difficult of them all ,and one of the most important .

Finding your style is like finding yourself ,who you truly are and how you want to be seen out in public.

Why do I need to find my style ?

#1- It makes you stand out

#2-Choosing outfits become less difficult ,because you always know what you have in mind.

#3-You wouldn’t be reading this right now

You + Style = Totally awesome outfits .

Number ten ; Not really a secret but tonnes of evening gown inspirations for those that need it.

By the way,I’m here to help.

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this . Please leave a comment.


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