Still having problems shopping online,we got you covered, HERE are some tips and trusted online stores.

Hey lovelies. We all know the struggles of shopping online. You are not the only that sees a beautiful outfit online and is like ? “Should I get it ?” , “Would it fit ?” , “Reality vs expectation is real too”. Ugh! I know right. It’s scary as hell and no one wants to waste a lot of money on an outfit and get the opposite.

My friends and I were scrolling through a Nigerian online store,We all wanted to buy a skirt, there were many options to choose from and they were quite affordable, nothing over the top. But then again, we’ve all heard stories, some people got the wrong package , some people never got their products at all.

The fear of reality versus expectation, wrong size,over priced but low quality.

It’s real and we both know it.

So in this blog post , I am going to help those that are first timers (that have never shopped online or have never shopped online without assistance) or if you’re an OG and you still want to get more info , feel free to hop in on the knowledge train.

Here are some of my tips for making online shopping easier and avoiding reality vs expectation mishaps.

  • Keep you ears open for stories and news about the online store that you are trying out. ( NOTE : rumours might be real and you don’t want to give you money to a site that has been said to be having issues with delivering products )
  • Customer reviews of a product are very important ( If you are purchasing an item and there are negative customer reviews of the product,please stay away,like it has always been said , negative customer review is like an angry customer asking for a refund ,but in this case,THERE’S NO REFUND.SO BE CAREFUL)
  • Sometimes very low prices on a products can be sketchy (I know that you all may say that, it may not always be like that and that is true, but if a product is looking too cheap for it’s nature, chances are that the product is not even real and the seller just wants to take money )
  • Buy from trusted stores and stores that treat their customers right. (There are some great stores that make buying of clothes so much easier, they give you a size chart, a bra size chart, and even the size of clothe the model is wearing and other options to choose from. An online store like SHEIN is great for that)

Here are some online stores that are trusted and can give you what you are looking for.

I have not bought from all these stores but I have heard stories and have seen good reviews about them , if you have bought from any of the stores mentioned below and you didn’t get what you wanted, kindly leave a comment in the comment section , with your story (PLEASE DON’T MENTION THE NAME OF ANY STORE ,JUST YOUR STORY )










Guys, these are some trusted stores ,there are many stores that I didn’t mention that are also good , if you have any recommended store please share in the comments section,let’s enlighten everyone.

Don’t forget to share you shopping experiences with online stores(Plesse don’t mention the name of the store.Thanks)

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