Hey lovelies!

It’s so nice to see you again, thanks for stopping by, I see that you are looking for something to spice up summer, so here are some summer essentials that you need to rock your summer.


If you don’t own a tank top, this should be a good time to get one; the summer is all about showing some skin and still looking good at the same time. A stylish yet a beautiful piece of cloth to add to your outfit.


Floral skirts just scream summer! A summer look is not complete without a nice floral skirt, you can wear long or short skirts, and whichever suits your style.


If you’re not much a skirt person, like me! Then you’re probably happy seeing this. A nice pair of Jeans will do the trick this summer, so what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself some jeans, girl!


This may not be the most go to summer essential, but a nice white shirt can add a lot of style to your look, especially when you want to keep it simple and not look extra. A white shirt can go with a pair of Jeans or a nice floral skirt or denim shorts.


Nothing like a good excuse to show off your legs, nice denim shorts paired with a nice tank top and denim jeans will be a good choice for the summer.


This will raise your comfort level to a 100%, nothing as good as wearing your favorite summer outfit with a pair of comfortable flats. If you’re like me and would choose comfort any day over anything then, you’re Iuck.


If you think that sandals are too basic then you should try out some sneakers, this will add a bit o style to your outfit and even make you more attractive.


If you’ve not hopped on the Graphic tee trend, this is your chance to do so , If you’re not into the white T-shirts and the tank tops , then a nice Graphic T-shirt would do the trick ,you can wear an oversized one with a pair of jeans or denim shorts.


I don’t know about you , but not everyone likes to show off their bodies during the summer , If you’re like that , then , there’s no problem, you can try wearing loose palazzo pants , they come in so many patterns and designs , you can look for one that matches your taste.


Yes, you heard that correctly, high waist shorts!. If you’re a teenager then this should be your go-to outfit. Rock this with a tank top and some sneakers and you’re good to go.

EXTRAS Just some additional stuff that you might like:


Most people like to spend the summer time at the beach, because it is cool and relaxing. A good bikini is what you need to rock this summer.


It’s not complete until we have our shades. Sunglasses will go well with any of your outfits and just boost you to full baddie mode.


We are all girls, we love our shiny stuff and there’s nothing as good as a nice bracelet or necklace to go with your outfit. It just makes everything POP!.

Thanks so much for reading this blog post, I hope you have a wonderful summer. Love you.

Images : All gotten from Pinterest

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WELCOMMMMEE !!!! Wow! , I see that you have come all the way here. I’m Victoria Lakpah, I’m a Nigerian blogger and content creator .You can call my Vicky for short. I honestly don’t mind :} I am currently 16 years [as of 2020] and I’m hoping to share positivity and happiness to you :}. Why am I here ? Major reason : To provide teens , young adults and adults with fun and inspiring content from fashion to normal regular stuffs we do all day + Tips and tricks + Hacks + Advice. To cut it short : I’m your big sister that’s here to help you with all your girly needs. WHAT INSPIRED ME TO CREATE THIS BLOG : Growing up with no older siblings and only two boys as male siblings , you can tell that I wasn’t really getting all those girly tips and advice . I know you might ask : What about your mum ? . She gave me some advice ,but , let’s face reality , you can’t tell your mum everything. Well, in my case I COULDN’T. So I mixed my passion for writing and female related things that I have learnt over the past [and still learning] to create this blog. WHY DID I GET INTO THIS FIELD ? I love writing and this is a medium or me to express my feeling and still be able to help people around me and on the internet. Like isn’t that great ?. MY PASSION : Creating wonderful contents for people and brands:}. What I can provide for you : FASHION TIPS FEMALE CARE TIPS [STAYING FRESH DOWN THERE ALL DAY ] ADVICE FOR YOUNG FEMALES AND MANY MORE Contact me : thegirlthoughtss@gmail.com


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